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Hobbs Polydown Wadding Crib 45 Inch x 60 Inch

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Hobbs Polydown Wadding Crib 45 Inch x 60 Inch

Ref: PD45
100% polyester - the ultimate polyester wadding. "Polydown quilts like quilting through butter". Made from the finest small denier fibre, for the ultimate feel and comfort. Easier to quilt and more washable then most products. Polydown is the only resin bonded, siliconized polyester batting in the world. Quilts beautifully by hand and can be machine quilted. Although Polydown is resin bonded to resist fibre migration, bearding could be visible on black or extremely dark fabrics. See Heirloom cotton, Thermore or PolydownDK for dark fabrics. Recommended by Lynne Edwards (Now cut by the Yard off the roll)

PD45, PD81, PD90, PD90DK, PD120, PDBY108, PDBY108R

Price: 6.50



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