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Sulky Black Tear Easy

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Sulky Black Tear Easy

Ref: N0018
Soft, Lightweight, Tear-Away Stabiliser. Provides great stability combined with effortless removal that doesn't pull, tear or distort stitches. 8'' x 11yds.
Professional Embroiders use one, two or three layers to stabilise virtually any fabric. Each layer is then easily torn away separately to prevent the pulling or distorting of stitches.
Great for:
1. Applique
2. Buttonholes
3. Decorating stitching
4. Computerised embroidery
5. Quilting
6. Edge work
7. Monogramming
8. Satin stitching
9. Stretchy or delicate fabrics
10. Transfer Agent
11. Thread sketching

Price: 3.60

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