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Let's Twist One More Time Book By Marsha Bergren

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Let's Twist… One More Time Book By Marsha Bergren

Ref: B0368
My third book takes the "twister process" up another notch as charts are now used in the majority of the layouts. I no longer give directions on how to use the Twister tool or how to put pinwheel borders around the piece to be "twisted". I figure that all of you have become proficient with doing this method and would rather have more ideas and patterns. If you do need a review of methods, they are I my previous books or are included with the Twister tools.

The book has been dived into two sections. Most of the quilts in the first section have been made from fabric that will need to be cut into squares. I have done two quilts with batiks and the rest from prints. With these quilts, you will be picking out colours and putting those colours together in various ways depending on the quilt you are making. I'm hoping you will like the look of these quilts and my suggestions at variations. The second section of the book expands the "disappearing pinwheels" introduced in the "Let's Twist…Again" book last year. I have also tried to explain how to do the charts to enable you to design pictures or objects that inspire your quilts.'

Price: 16.95


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