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Sewline Quickthru Needle Threader
Sewline Quickthru Needle Threader

Ref: N0874


The case slides back to reveal a clever mechanism. You simply insert the fine needle (size 9 to 12) in a guide hole and lay the thread across another positioning groove.

Press lightly down on the lever button which directs a shaped pin to pick up and guide the thread through the needle eye. Simply slide out your threaded needle.

This smart little threader works only with 9-12 size needles. The mechanism inside is fragile so it is important to only use the right size needle and position correctly otherwise the threader may jam or actually break.

Other thoughtful features of the Sewline Threader are a magnet on the base to pickup those fine needles and there is a handy needle storage chamber.

Price: 13.94

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