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Full Line Feather Heart 6½" x 7" Stencil (Made from nylon mesh)
Full Line Feather Heart 6

Ref: S0081


Made from nylon mesh the stencil can be rolled up or punch holes to store in a binder.

Can only be used with quilt pounce.

Miracle Chalk Quilt Pounce Quick Swipe Pad - Steam Off (White) or Refill Formulated for fabrics. Less airborne chalk particles. No chalk bounce when sewing. Marks remove with swipe of a Steam iron. Stays on fabric until removed with steam iron. Inc. 2 oz chalk. (full instructons included). Ideal for machine or hand quilting - £14.95
Miracle Chalk Refill pack. 2 oz (White) - £7.50

Quilt Pounce White/Blue powder & pad & Refills The quickest and easiest way to transfer quilting stencils to your quilt. Simply fill the pad with the powder supplied and wipe the pad over the top of the stencil. White or new Barely Blue which is lighter than the original blue chalk
washout/rub off Comes with 2oz of Pounce Powder (full instructions included). Ideal for machine or hand quilting.

Price: 7.94

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