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Companion Angle Triangle Ruler
Companion Angle Triangle Ruler

Ref: R0120


Companion to Easy Angle (R0101). Triangles are cut with the longest edge on the straight of grain. Cut trapezoids of many sizes. Cut 1in to 10in triangles. Cuts half block triangles for small blocks set on point. Built in 1/4in seam allowance. Ideal for use with a rotary cutter.

Easy Angle 6.5 inch Ruler
Ruler for cutting 45 degree triangles simply.
Instructions for use:
1. Cut Strips of fabric 0.5in wider than the finished size of the triangle squares. (Example: For 3 in finished triangle-squares, cut 3.5 in strips).
2. Place the two strips that will make up the triangle squares right sides together.
3. Trim off selvages.
4. Line up the bottom edge of Easy Angle on the bottom edge of the fabric strips. Slide Easy Angle to the right until the strip size reads in the "window" (example 3.5 in.)
5. Cut along the diagonal edge with rotary cutter.
6. For the next cut, flip the tool up and line up the top edge of the fabric with the strip size on the tool (3.5in). The black tip extends below the bottom of the strip. Cut on the right edge.
7. Return to previous position to cut the next triangle.
8. The triangle squares can then be sewn together using the chain-piecing method.
Cutting Squares with Easy Angle.
Use the corner of the tool as shown to cut square. When the black tip is pointing down for the second cut, the numbers across the top edge of the tool will provide a perfect square

Price: 12.95

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