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Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge
Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge

Ref: N0955


o The top "T" of the tool is marked in 1/4" increments for easy measuring.
o Each side of the gauge is marked from 0 to 6" - but from opposite directions so you never need to turn the gauge to start measuring.
o The width of the gauge is exactly 5/8", perfect for checking seams when sewing clothes.
o The width of each column is precisely ¼", super helpful for measuring quilt seams.
o Quickly measure and mark seam allowances with adjustable 1/8" notched increments. Replaces seam allowance gauge.
o Create perfect circles from 2" to 12" in diameter. Replaces circle compass.
o Get straight and even hem measurements every time. Replaces hem gauge.
o Precisely measure right angles. Replaces "T" gauge.
o Accurately space button holes. Replaces buttonhole spacer.
o Measure width and length at the same time using the top of the tool and the markings on the sides.
o Easy-to-read black numbers on light green 6" long gauge. Simply push on the stopper to move gauge to desired measurement.

Price: 12.95


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