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Terial Magic Spray 8oz (Pattern not included)

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Terial Magic Spray 8oz (Pattern not included)

Ref: N0962
Appliqué quilters spray their fabric with Terial Magic™ in order to get the stiffer, fray-resistant properties that make it so easy to work with.
Dimensional Art - Transforms fabric into a workable medium to create beautiful flowers etc. Easy to sew by hand or machine and it's fray resistant.
" Cut small, intricate shapes while fabric stays in tact
" Raw edge appliqué
" Reverse appliqué
" Knife edge creases on straight or rounded edges are perfect
" Treat the quilt back for smooth and easy machine quilting - once the quilt is finished, just wash the Terial Magic™ out
" Use Terial Magic™ instead of freezer paper and starch
" Pieced seams stay flat when sewing multiple layers together
Terial Magic 8 oz. For Demo's, Kits, Classes, and Smaller Scale Projects Terial Magic allows you to play with single ply fabric in a whole new way. It replaces stabilizers and fusibles for quilters and embroiderers, keeps fraying in check for scrapbookers and crafters and gives the fabric a firmer hand for holding shapes and folds for all fabric projects. It is quickly becoming a household product suitable for any quilter, sewer, crafter, embroiderer or other DIY'er's toolbox! Treat your fabric in 3 simple steps... spray, air dry and iron! Terial Magic™ lasts, but is water soluble and can be washed out if desired. For more permanence and water resistance use a clear matte acrylic spray finish on finished art. Uses include: machine embroidery - use treated fabric instead of fabric layered with fusible or paper stabilizers electronic cutting machines can cut treated fabric without any fusible stabilizers- fabric doilies, mass production of shapes for teachers or quilters, scrapbooking print on treated fabric in inkjet printers fabric origami fabric scrapbooking and cards wall quilts and appliqué piecing fabric crafts fabric gift wrap and gift bags.

About the Pattern
Terial Arts Roses and Buds Pattern
Terial Magic and Terial Arts patterns transforms your favourite cotton fabrics and brings them to a new life as flowers, while you learn the art of fabric flower making. With easy to follow illustrated instructions the pattern includes 3 sizes of roses and a gift bag pattern.
Ref: P0697

Price: 8.95


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