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Full Line American Beauty 8in Stencil (Made from nylon mesh) WAS £12.95 NOW £6.47
Full Line American Beauty 8in Stencil (Made from nylon mesh) WAS 12.95 NOW 6.47

Ref: S0118


Made from nylon mesh the stencil can be rolled up or punch holes to store in a binder.

Can only be used with quilt pounce.

Even the best traditions need an update. That's why we've reinvented stencils for quilting. These unique stencils are transferred with a Quilt Pounce pad and because the material is a nylon mesh open only on the lines of the design, the powder goes right through to the quilt top! There are no breaks or bridges to fill in, no mess and it's easy, fun and effortless to transfer the beautiful designs on to your quilt tops. A few swipes of the chalk filled Pounce Pad and you're ready to accent the beauty of your quilt by stitching over a crisp, crystal clear motif, border or continuous line. Full Line Stencils are clearly the choice of quality and value. Perfect for beginners all the way to the pros who thought they had everything.

Price: 6.47

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